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Token-gate your community with me3.

me3 provides a platform for projects to token-gate their communities and offer decentralized usernames and profiles.

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Get a profile and much more

Get your own me3 profile and all ENS benefits.

If you own an ENS name, you also have your own me3 profile that can be edited and saved, using the on-chain records attached to your name.

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Some of our features

We provide all the tools you need to share your web3 identity with the world, whether you’re an individual, organization, or an individual with several organizations.

coming soon
Share your profile
Using on-chain links, generate a decentralized profile to add to your bio.
coming soon
Show off your NFTs
Use your me3 profile as a way to show off your favorite NFTs in a mini-gallery.
coming soon
Share your affiliation
Use badges to share the projects you care about and associate with.
coming soon
Register new names
Found a new ENS name? Register it right in our dapp.
coming soon
Issue ENS subdomains
Issue ENS subdomains to anyone using our subdomain pages features.
coming soon
Embed our ENS WIdget
Generate a widget of our registration tool to place on your project’s site.

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What is me3?

me3 provides NFT projects with identity tools to token-gate their communities and provide their holders with ENS subdomains and decentralized, web3 profiles.

Identity doesn't have to stop at profile pictures.

Any ENS holder and a project's holders both have access to easily edit their records to add wallet addresses, social links, and more right on me3.

What is ENS?

ENS is the Ethereum Name Service, a service that turns your Ethereum wallet address into a legible address.

Is there a token?

At this time, we do not have a token. Any tokens you come across are scams.

Is me3 available yet?

Personal profiles for ENS holders are available. For projects, we are in a closed beta.

What can I use me3 for?

If you're a project, you can offer ENS subdomains for all your holders. It also works great for personal profiles, NFT project profiles, and much more as a place to share all your web2 and web3 content.

Can me3 work with my project?

Are you a project on web3 using NFTs? Yes! We can support projects in a variety of ways, just reach out!

How do we partner with me3?

Just reach out to us in Discord or via our contact form below.

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